Lady Sovereign

Lady Sovereign

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Chorus: x2] Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession Love me or hate me, that is the question If you love me then - thank you If you hate me then - fuck you! Is this song NOT from PUBLIC WARNING ? Would you report that? [Missy Elliott:] I'm ridin like a Range Rover, bitch move over Wear mo' ice than the bears in the polar Off my shoulders - ice, baby Don't the jewelry look - nice, baby I don't really give a WHAAAT I tell 'em all they can kiss my BUTT I got three groupies up in the CLUB And they payin for the tab, pick it UP I'm a lover, I don't need to fight Give me time and I'll blow your mind If you give me two secs to blow your mind Yeah five plus five, yeah, I'm a dime Yeah I got twelve cars and I'm a star, okay kay? Them seven digits numbers that's the cash in my baaaank I write, I sing, and I do my, do my, do my thing I dance, romance, and Lady Sovereign tell 'em how it is If you can not find the lyrics you want, You may want to request them. [Chorus] To add comments to "LOVE ME OR HATE ME (REMIX) (FEAT. MISSY ELLIOTT)", You may scroll down and join the discussion [Lady Sovereign:] Stars whine, hand to the side Came roll up like addy ap's freestride No one got craps like mine When I step you see that shit shine Why not show flesh boy I'm so fresh to death But when I wake up early early I got that dirty mornin breath Whoops! My slap in the face again My friend don't get offended, mm-kay? I'm the realest girl in the game and no I ain't pretendin Yeah I got no car...



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Artist: Lady Sovereign
Video title: Lady Sovereign
Category: Hip-Hop
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