YouTube Most Viewed Montage-Please read description before commenting.

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Please read: I've noticed a lot of people asking questions like "what's the video at ##:##?" So before you ask these questions and fill up my inbox, there's a list of all videos below, and there has been since this video was made a year ago. Thanks! Also, another question I get a lot is "What's the song with the baby humping the doll?" Answer: ATC - Around the World (La la la la). The best "Most Viewed" on YouTube. And some that shoulda been. In order of appearance: 1. Hey Clip 2. Barbie Girl 3. Hahaha - Baby Laughing 4. Dave Chappelle - Piss On You 5. Numa Numa 6. Star Wars Kid 7. Robot Dance 8. Humor 9. Thriller 10. Andy McKee Drifting 11. Alex on Salvia 12. The Landlord 13. SNL Digital Short - Dick in a Box 14.Free Hugs Campaign 15. David Blaine Street Magic - YouTube Edition 16. Kyle Dunnigan Stand-Up 17. Beat Box Nouvelle Star 18. Evolution of Dance 19. Muffins 20. People Bowling on Roller Coaster Tycoon 21. Ding Fries are Done PLEASE COMMENT&RATE. THANK YOU! Also....I'm in the process of making an updated montage with newer videos. So before you post comments like "Where's the Britney guy" or "Charlie bit my finger" or any other video that's been posted within the last 6 months, it will most likely be on the new one.



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Video title: YouTube Most Viewed Montage-Please read description before commenting.
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