My confrontation of an unconstitutional (illegal) checkpoint

AV california sheriff

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JUNE 27th, 2008. 11:50 PM Corner of Hawthorne BLVD and Rosecrans Ave. Lieutenant Dominic Valencia - Lawndale Lieutenant Police officer I last spoke with (at end of video) named Dominic J. Valencia of the Lennox Sheriff's station. The phrase on his business card: "A tradition of service since 1850." should be changed to "violating the 4th amendment and overstepping our authority of concerned individuals everywhere. EVERY single car that went throughthe checkpoint was stopped. ILLEGAL STOP AND QUESTIONING - NO PROBABLE CAUSE - NO WARRANTS. Total violation of the 4th Amendment. Watch videos of ALEX JONES and DAVID ICKE on youtube!!! USA "Show me your ID" - Nazi Germany: "Show me your papers." USA: "Where are you headed? Where are you coming from?" Nazi: "Where are you headed? Where are you coming from?" USA: "Homeland Security" Nazi Germany: "Fatherland Security" USA: 9/11 False Flag terror attack. Nazi Germany: Reichstag false flag terror attack. USA: Security Checkpoints. Nazi Germany: Security Checkpoints.



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Artist: AV california sheriff
Video title: My confrontation of an unconstitutional (illegal) checkpoint
Category: Antelope Valley CA
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